Baby’s Big Box of little books review

We have a lot of books. A LOT of book! Many are ours, many are from the local library. They are a constant source of entertainment for us and our girls, we love sharing them, enjoying the pictures, the words and the tales that they tell.


This week I’ve been sent Baby’s Big Box of little books by Janet and Allan Ahlberg to review.

The box is, as it states, a box of little books.  The box is beautifully decorated with the Ahlberg signature style of nicely detailed pictures of wide faced, busy babies.

Within the box are 9 books, each themed around an important area of a babies life; Family, Toys, Inside, Pets, Mornings, Outside, Baby, Night-times and Games.


They all fit neatly into the box and look absolutely stunning.  As a gift this box is spot on.  Opening this will make any parent smile.

My 2 year old loves simply taking them out, having a little look inside the books and then rearranging them in the box.  The rearranging aspect is the pinnacle of the game!

The books themselves are small, measuring roughly 6cm x 6cm x 2cm and each contains 5 pages.  Each page consists of one picture and one word, for example in the Toys book you get, “Ball, duck, blocks, book and teddy.”

The pictures are often mildly amusing.  The picture of a baby playing with his teddy shows him looking sadly at the teddy, who also looks sad as it’s head has come off.

The Family book is wonderful because the Mum page shows Mum chilling out, enjoying a cup of tea and a book with her feet up and on the Dad page it shows Dad looking slightly perplexed wiping a little bottom.


image(9)It’s a great selection of Baby books to expose small children to books.  Moo loves sharing them with her baby sister Roo.  The     fact that they are one word and one picture on each page also allows her to read them independently.

Baby’s Big Box of little books by Janet and Allan Ahlberg cost around £8.00.

I would recommend these to anyone, particularly as a gift for a friend who has little ones, it’s a little bit different and for that price it’s incredibly good value.






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