GTA V online explained

GTA V is incredible achievement.  I’ve recently begun playing GTA V online to see what it is like and have been amazed!  It plays like a very separate game to the single player campaign, but offers it’s players little help in getting them to understand how it works.


Why play GTA V?

Love it or hate it GTA V is a hard game to ignore.  It generated more than $800 million in worldwide revenue, within the first 24 hours!  Within three days it had made more than one billion dollars!  It is the fastest selling entertainment product in history!

With all of these incredible statistics backing it up it’s also worth noting that it also one of the most hated entertainment products in history.  It’s violent to the extreme, allows its players to make use of prostitutes, visit strip clubs and torture people.  It’s creators have funded negative press for the series over the years, recognising that all press, is good press!

Why play GTA V online?

I have been unable to play through the single player campaign having hit a moral blockade when I was forced to torture a character.  I had enjoyed lots of the game up till that point, but that was too much for me to say I was really enjoying myself.  The heists in the game are absolutely outstanding, so it was a shame that I couldn’t play more of them.

Last week though I saw the trailer (below) that shows that heists are coming to the online game and thought I should give it a go.

Online begins with you creating a character of your own design who swiftly flies into Los Santos and can begin stirring up trouble.

What is GTA V online?

GTA V online is the online embodiment of GTA V.  It allows up to 30 players to join together in a HUGE GTA V map and do as they wish.  From there players have an incredibly generous selection of activities to get involved in.

For many people simply mucking about around the map will be enough.  You can run into other players, take them out and claim any cash that they’re currently carrying, hold up stores, purchase properties, go shopping and enter activities as you come across them.



What activities or “jobs” are there in GTA V online?

It is worth noting at this point that as well as all of the following modes and maps that Rockstar (the developer) created any player can also create their own versions of them with an easy to use creation tool.

Outside of Free Mode you can enter the following modes;

Deathmatch – as you would expect but with a huge and varied mix of maps and weapons.  Many deathmatch maps have vehicles to use as well as traditional methods.  The next generation version of the game’s first person mode also allows you to play fairly traditional first person shooter style team or individual deathmatch modes.

Race – GTA V has a huge assortment of races to enjoy.  The car based road races are the most obvious race but there are wonderful plane, helicopter, boat and cycling races to enjoy to.


Capture – This is GTA V online’s capture the flag, or in GTA V it is more capture the case.  It stands out from other capture the flag modes thanks to the variety of its weapons and vehicles that make for some seriously manic chases.

Survival – GTA V online’s take on the famous Gears of War Horde mode.  Waves of enemies attempt to attack the players (1-4) and you have to survive for as long as possible.

Hold – Hold is an interesting mixture of modes.  It plays in a similar fashion to capture but there are lots of cases to capture and then hold whilst the opposing team attempts to do the same.  Cases appear in the map and can also be stolen from the opposing team’s base.

Contend – Contend is a similar idea to Hold and Capture the case but this time there is just one case to battle over.


Raid – Is another mode in a similar vein to those above, requiring players to work in teams to steal a case from the opposing team’s base.

Parachuting – An outstanding and unexpected mode is parachuting.  Reminding me of the classic Nintendo title pilotwings, parachuting requires a group of players to jump out of a plane and attempt to control a freefall and parachute descent through a series of hoops.  Aiming for the centre of the hoops awards the player with more points and the chance of victory over the other parachuter’s.


Add to all of these incredible modes there is also the soon to be released heists.

Playing any other these modes rewards the player with experience that unlocks more exotic and of course impressive weaponry to be purchased and money.  Money is incredibly important to GTA V online as it allows the player to buy weapons, housing, upgrade vehicles, buy clothing and much more.  The heists, I have no doubt will reward players with some serious dough.

If you haven’t tried it out yet then GTA V online is definitely worth a look, I’ve been very pleasantly surprised.


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4 Responses

  1. gamer says:

    GTA San Andreas was the most complete game in the series.
    GTA IV was the most beautiful game in the series.

    GTA V combines the qualities of the previous two. That is a varied world (country, mountain, town, middle-class neighborhoods, beach, river, …) a customizable man wish. There are also the skills to improve …

    Finally a game before which I can spend hundreds while still having surprises.

    From a personal point of view, this is a perfect game.

    Grand Theft Auto V is unsurprisingly the immense success was expected. Impeccable technique, the excess is required with a map of immense size and exciting additional activities to achieve. Rockstar has given birth to a World Open to the incredible atmosphere, while offering an excellent solo adventure enjoyable gameplay. Enjoyable, violent and vulgar, with a sound (radio 15aine) Super Sticky very well with the game. And the concept to include three characters is a great idea. Each characters has a character and different skills. Often copied but never equaled, Grand Theft Auto V is unmissable!

    • says:

      Well that summary in itself makes me want to hop on and play. It certainly is an open world unlike any other I’ve experienced in a game.

  2. Mccormick says:

    Love this game!

  3. SBOBET says:

    This game is very funny. What’s spec this game?