Game of Thrones Episode 1 – Iron from Ice PS4 Review

Telltale games have brought the incredibly popular Game of Thrones stories to life with their new episodic game come interactive story.  The first episode was released recently and is called Iron from Ice.

I’m a big Game of Thrones fan.  If you haven’t read or watched Game of Thrones this game isunlikely to be much fun or make total sense to you.  It is very much a game for already existing fans.

The game takes place towards the end of the 3rd TV season, on the evening of the now infamous Red Wedding.  Much like to TV series the game follows a collection of characters all linked by a number of story threads but spread out over a vast distance.


Telltale’s game focuses on the Forrester family who control Westeros’ Ironwood forests.  Throughout episode 1 you play as several different characters, all members of or servants to House Forrester.  As well as these new characters who have been created for the game you run into several known big names including Tyrion, Ramsey Snow, Margaery Tyrell, and Cersei Lannister (all of whom are voiced by their TV actors).

The new characters are all very well designed and written, fitting perfectly in amongst the already well established ones.  By the end of the episode I felt very well up to speed as to House Forrester’s place in Westeros, their political situation and had been able to play a part in forging their future.


In particular during my initial playthrough I had a very heated discussion with Cersei Lannister in the throne room in King’s Landing that proved to be surprisingly stressful.  Several times throughout Season 1 you are forced to make quick decisions that you later regret or may live to regret once the sequels are released.

The gameplay is not like that of traditional video games.  Most of the game is spent in conversation, the player chooses what they wish their character to say and best judge how to deal with the game’s tricky situations. When not in conversation you can walk around small areas of the world, looking at objects and exploring.


Depending on how you play the game different, large scale changes are made. This is the best aspect of Episode 1 and leaves you desperate to replay it, trying different conversation options and longing for the release of Episode 2 to see the long term effects of your decisions.

Graphically this is a generally well animated title, the characters are good, stylised versions of their on screen counterparts.  The most interesting aspect of the graphics is it’s brush stroke style that looks like watching an animated oil painting.  Thick streaks of colour are laid over the characters and backdrops, it’s a really novel way of colouring the game, but might not be to everyone’s tastes.


Game of Thrones Episode 1 – Iron from Ice is a fantastic 2 and a bit hour experience for Game of Thrones fans.  The characters are all incredibly well acted and it feels very much like the latest episode of the Game of Thrones saga.  I wouldn’t at all be surprised if I get convinced to play it through again before it’s sequel is released.  Roll on episode 2.

Game of Thrones Episode 1 – Iron from Ice is available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Android and iOS devices.


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2 Responses

  1. martyn says:

    I’m a massive GoT fan! Live the books as well as the TV programme. I am a gamer, but nowadays I don’t get much time at all to play. So much that earlier this year I’ve really considered selling my consoles. That being said it’s posts like this that make me want to pick them up again.

    • says:

      This game is without doubt worth a look. It is available on tablets so you don’t need your console! I can’t wait for the next episode, should be out in February.