Duckie Deck apps review

Duckie Duck create colourful, easy to use and fun interactive games for PC, iOS and Android devices that are all designed for preschool children.  They are also educational without feeling like it, I am always impressed when this is achieved.


We recently downloaded Duckie Deck’s large collection of apps for the family iPad and our 2 year old is having an incredible time playing with them.  I am, as always amazed by her ability to begin a new app and without any instructions or assistance get straight into it and seemingly know exactly what to do.

Duckie Deck’s apps are all very highly polished.  The graphics are all bright and colourful and filled with attractive and friendly monsters, creatures and children to interact with.  Alongside the beautiful colours are slick and well put together animations that make the apps really come to life in your little one’s hands.

There is a huge variety of Duckie Deck apps and each one contains several different things to do within it.  They are proving to be great value for money.


The games are designed to teach preschoolers at a very basic level.  Many of the games hope to improve their motor skills, some require you to share out items amongst children, others simply require you to blow!  The mix is what makes the Duckie Deck games so much fun to play, there’s truly something for everyone.

The blowing game, for example, simply requires the user to blow at their iPad.  The screen shows one of a variety of colourful items or scenes and blowing affects it.  A balloon that can be inflated, a window with a hidden message on that steams up when blown, a coffee that can be cooled, a fan that spins…  The imagination at work behind these is seriously impressive.


Other more thought provoking games for the user require them to cut a cut to share cakes between friends.  The game only moves on once everyone has an equal share.

Another shows children with a selection of toys in front of them.  Each child has thought bubbles showing two toys that they would like to play with and it’s up to the player to decide who gets which toy.  This is (basic) problem solving, and a wonderful way to allow children to start to comprehend real problems.


The apps are an awful lot of fun and it’s been lovely recently to watch Moo playing them.  Her current game favourite shows monsters hidden in shadows.  Each one moving and making strange noises.  Tapping on a light illuminates the monster to reveal that it isn’t at all scary and that they all do in fact look rather silly, some are listening to music, others are cuddling their teddy bear’s.


For a limited period, up until Christmas, a different Duckie Deck title will be reduced from the app store so do be sure to check them out.



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